Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bernadette Madden and the Art of Batik.

Bernadette Madden
Artist's Talk at the Royal Hibernian Academy 
Wednesday 24th October 2012

The lone wolf in the art of batik; Bernadette described some of the disadvantages of her chosen medium. The medium of batik is generally in the 'craft box' but Bernadette brings it into the realm of Art, and quite decisively at that. Bernadette explained the technique and her purist approach. An array of slides followed, which described her various projects over her 40year career. Her work from a trip to Greenland excited me the most. The abstract landscape paralleled with the abstract medium; the sublimity of the vast landscape of Greenland is reflected beautifully in the pale batiks and screenprints. 

Greenlandic Iceberg / Screenprint on Fabriano paper / 60 X 42 / Varied Edition 8

Her newer work of woodlands were vibrant and incredibly detailed. She uses up to 20 dyes when doing these complicated pieces.
 Autumn Red / Wax resist on linen / 51 X 66 cm

I always think that an artist talk should inform and educated you into the artist's world. Bernadette's talk delivered on both accounts.

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