Tuesday, November 29, 2011

INVITATION: Open Studio 3rd December 2011

            Open Studio at 7 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1.
            3 December. 12-6pm

After 3 years in this studio I'm moving out, so to acknowledge my time here and the work produced I'd like to invite you to come see the beautiful space and my work.
At the moment I'm working towards a exhibition in Queen Street Studios Belfast in January, so there's plenty of work on the go! Please see below for further details of exhibition...

The building is AMAZING, so bring along anyone interested in Architecture, History and Art... The building and street has a long tradition with artists, No.7 is now home to 9 artist studios, I'll confirm other names if they want to open their doors too...

I hope you can make it,

Shimmering Synthetic Appearances; I Want To Put You Back In
7 Henrietta Street           3rd December 2011                                                                                            Queen Street Studios    19th January- 18th February 2012

Rothko revered the communicative abilities of Art and the shared space between the Artist and Audience.‘I want to put you back in’ is a quote that relates to his practice and the impact of the spacial environment he created.

Keehan’s research into Rothko, Phenomenology and Painting Environments has brought her to this two part exhibition. The first part is an introduction to the process of the ‘Blue’ paintings by inviting people into her studio in an Open Studio, 3 December 2011. This, the primary environment of the paintings, is unfinished and a little crude. The audience witness the Blue Lighting, the ‘tent’ set-up under which the work is produced, as well as seeing the basic painting techniques used.

The second part of the exhibition is at Queen Street Studios. Here the ‘Blue Paintings’ are exhibited in a bright, clean gallery space. Removed from the components of their production, the paintings create their own blue impact and generate a submersion into the painting environment.

The two venues of the exhibition are in two separate cities, enforcing their divided stages. This is a step further from Keehan’s ‘Blue Studio Project’ exhibition in Berlin 2010, where both studio and gallery were in the same building though staged six months apart.

I Want To Put You Back In, also refers to the placement of objects in the Still Life and the objectless Still Life. The satin backdrop is the principle object in the paintings, followed by the Blue Light. After that tangible objects are placed in and around the picture plane to further emphasize composition and textures. The sparseness of objects in this manner, moves the work towards minimalism and the experimental abilities of realism.

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